Welcome to Northern Justice Roleplay!


This community has been shaped by our unique commitment to realism and professionalism, as well as a family-oriented style of roleplay.

To help us achieve our operating goals, this community has set an age limit. Anyone above the age of 12 can submit an application and become a member of the Northern Justice RP Community

Applications can be found on the website under the "Open Applications" tab. If you want to be a part of the community but don't have a gaming PC, we recommend joining our Communications division.

--Our Staff--




Co-founder, Lead Dev


Co-founder, Co-Lead Dev

--What is Northern justice RP?--


We strive on having a Professional role play community that promotes an environment close to real life. The RP has rules to ensure Professionalism is kept as a priority and the police also strive on this factor.


Our RPs happen at least a everyday and can last from anywhere from 1-8 hours. Our Role play server always has more than 10 people within the server and usually has at least 5 police officer within session.


Our RP group only recruit people from ages 13+ and upwards to ensure we have a mature role play that can be professional. The police have requirements to join to ensure the Role play has a realistic and professional environment.